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A Shambler is a demonic creature that feasts upon human flesh. Devouring the entirety of the victim leaving gore behind. Thanks to an unnatural object, there is something different happening within the house.

Shambler's Wake is a game made for a project in class. Which is to make a horror game within a month. My 2 classmates and I did our best with the limited time we had. This means even for a month, we still had other things to do, such as other activities for the other classes and some of us have a full time job.

I am sorry everyone for the death penalty but, you have to fear for your life. I am not doing cheap jump scares for the game but there are fearful moments as it is.

We had some troubles developing the game but we pushed through. There are some assets missing but we would not have enough time making it.

So, please enjoy the game, and I would love to know what you think of it after.


Shambler's Wake.zip 110 MB


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Played it and it crashed for me too, watching Step's playthrough it happened just before the corridor of heads and his crash. It was pretty fun up to that point though, liked the mirror mechanic early on. 


ah yes, I have checked up on those things. It is considered by your processing speed that affects the game. I apologize for the inconvenience, I have not tried the game to a large enough group to fully test it. There have been other players that have gone well that did a lets play still. The game has a korean lets play which had so many views and it ran smoothly. Again I apologize for the inconvenience, I am unable to repair this problem due to a lack of a working computer.


Gave it a go...


XD thanks for playing the game. I love the thumbnail and I do understand the comments about the game. It really gives a good feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it and it was pretty much the end from where you were I would've loved it if you see the small ending but I apologize for the bugs that keep happening.